Blackjack is one of the other more popular games in casinos besides slots and poker. It’s a game that requires topnotch mastery skills, despite having the simplest of gameplays you can come across. Just to put that into perspective, winning requires you to get to a card sum value of 21 faster than the dealer. Now that you know what blackjack is, what are the things you could do to help you win more as a beginner?

1. Learn how to manage your bankroll.

Even on a good day, you might end up losing everything if you do not manage your bankroll effectively. Depending on your bankroll, you might need to place lower bets to stay in the game longer or place high when things are working for you. It is also good to know when to quit. For a first-timer, it is better to go for small bets possible until you get the hang of the game.

2. Take some time to master a blackjack strategy.

Like roulette, blackjack also comes with strategies and chats you can master and apply every time you play. It might not be easy, but as you progress, you will realize that just the basic knowledge about blackjack won’t be enough. Beginners are, however, advised to avoid blackjack betting strategies that may lead them to stake more. A good example is the Martingale system that requires one to place twice the losing stake.

3. Always be in it for the max prize.

Always play an 8-deck game paying the max prize (3:2) for your stake. That way, it will be much easier to break even or to make a profit. As you will come to see, it will be hard to recover losses or even win something substantial by getting in on a game that pays a partial price.

4. Know when to go for insurance.

Taking insurance is best for seasoned players, but only in certain situations. For novices, on the other hand, it is always a bad idea to take insurance. Case in point, the percentage of the dealer finding a blackjack under an ace is always 30% or lower.

5. Watch your emotions.

No matter how bad things are going, never let your emotions take over. Remember, the dealer has no way to control the outcome of the game. Neither do you. It’s all about luck. While some sessions will work for you, others won’t. It’s up to you to discern your form and use it to the maximum advantage.

6. Watch the dealer.

Most players tend to focus more on their cards and forget about the dealers. That’s a bad idea! Always take some time to analyze the dealer’s hand to know what move is best for you.

7. Never split tens.

In blackjack, players have the option of adding more chips and split a ten when the dealer is weak. This is something you should not do as a beginner. You already have a strong hand, so don’t risk it.


As you can see, winning in blackjack as a beginner is easy only when you follow credible laid-out tips by the experts. These seven tips are enough to see you off to a nice start, so make sure to implement them as a novice blackjack player.

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